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Our mission and vision

We are the Susquehanna Sustainable Business Network, a central Pennsylvania based 501c3 non-profit that advocates for the triple bottom line – People, Planet & Profit –  through business networking, advocacy and education. 

We are local business people, community members, and not-for-profit leaders committed to building a more socially, environmentally, and financially stable economy.  We are proud to stand for the sustainable movement in our region.

Becoming a member FAQ

So you might ask yourself, would my business or organization be a good fit for membership in this organization? Would I prosper and thrive as an individual member here? We have pulled together a list of potential member frequently asked questions to share with you.

How does SSBN define sustainability? Our philosophy and practice aligns with the United Nations definition of sustainability, which focuses on economic, environmental and social sustainability.  We too believe that if any one pillar is weak, our community is not sustainable.

Is social enterprise a sustainable concept?  It should be. We hear lots of buzzwords flying around these days so it is hard to cut through the vocabulary to truly understand the most fitting name for an organization that fosters and strengthens our community by networking with likeminded members, advocating on behalf of sustainable business community and the larger local community,  educating within our membership and outside of it, and fosters collaboration and strengthen our local and regional communities. We call that a sustainable business network. And yes, we too focus on social enterprise.

Could my “kind” of business or organization benefit? Check out our paid member directory here? Variety is the spice of life.  We have businesses large and small, nonprofits, and individual members. We have sustainably minded members in some of the the following industries (Not an exclusive list): Architecture, banking, building, camp and environmental education, communication, creative talent, CSAs, energy, farming, food, grocery stores and markets, health and wellness, lodging, painting and restaurants to name a few.

Am I sustainable enough? This is an interesting question. Sometimes it feels like we can never make enough of a sustainable impact. On the other hand, previously unsustainable businesses are making great strides to become more authentically sustainable. Some companies are sustainable by what they create or produce, and others by how they practice business. We get that and would love to hear your story too.  Green washers need not apply. Do you want to be a social profit organization? Do you wish to learn how to grow and become a more sustainable business or organization? Do you want to align your personal beliefs and your business practices? Do you wish to learn how others create social profit? Do you want to contribute to a community that becomes the best local spot on the map that it can be? Then you are perfect member for our organization. We are passionate about collaborating to make positive social change through all facets of sustainable business practices.

Is the “triple bottom line of people, plant and profit for all” another name for sustainability?  Many sustainable business networks claim the idea of the triple bottom line because it puts the emphasis on concern for the people/employees and the environment/ecology in the business practice, along with the profit/financial side. So yes, it fits well into the definition of sustainability. We think you can have all three and one of our job is to advocate for a local climate that allows for success in all three areas for our regional businesses and nonprofits.

Don’t others do the same thing as you? Every community has organizations and nonprofits with overlapping missions and visions. We are the only sustainable business network in this region. We are in good company in the state of Pennsylvania, with SBN Philly, Lehigh Valley Sustainability Network, and Sustainable Pittsburgh. We love to collaborate with likeminded friends though out the region, but our mission and vision are clear, unwavering, and focused: People, Planet & Profit –  through business networking, advocacy and education. 

Now, a few questions for you.

1) Does your business practices align with the definition of sustainability defined by the United Nations, that fosters economic, environmental and social sustainability throughout our region.  

2) Are you locally rooted? In charge of your own marketing? Our membership structure does not foster franchises.

3) Do you seek to be part of a likeminded group interested in education, advocacy and networking to strengthen a local sustainable community? 

Then please consider membership. Learn more on our Join Us page.


Join SSBN for GreenCom 2015.  Thursday March 19, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA.

Consider sponsorship or an Expo table. Click the GreenCon icon for more information.



Yes, it is time to put those Earth Day events on your   planner.

Saturday April 18, 2015, York Go Green In The City from 10-3, Market Street, York, PA

Saturday April 25, 2015 Sahd Salvage Earth Day Celebration, Columbia, PA.

See you there!



We are pleased to partner with SSBN member business AMERIgreen to bring you energy choice.  AMERIgreen Energy is a Lancaster, PA-based wholesale energy provider dedicated to working every day to improve America’s energy freedom and sustainability for today and future generations. AMERIgreen is proud to be a green electricity supplier to residential and commercial customers. Compare residential rates in your area today:

They proudly offer a “Renewable Rewards Program” to SSBN businesses. Once a business enrolls in the program each of its customers that then sign-up for AMERIgreen products receives a $25 gift card to that business – it’s a win for the planet, and a win for local business. For more information visit:

 Thank you for your participation of the Extra Give. SSBN raised over $ 500.00 to foster local sustainable business development and education in Lancaster.


Please email the SSBN team if you have news to share.

Members receive preference but we do publish general press releases too. If you would like to see your own company’s updates featured on this page, please join SSBN now or contact us for more information.SSBN is proud to bring you selected green news. We hope that you will bookmark this page and refer to it frequently. You’ll also find news items from our members as well as SSBN’s own updates.  We have a variety of ways we publish news.  We publicize events on our facebook page, Twitter account, in our member newsletter, and here, on our website.


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